Students at Arua Hill Primary School in Arua, Uganda, participate in a workshop facilitated by DUVE.

DUVE leads international seminars, lectures and workshops for education and healthcare professionals who work directly with children. Through these initiatives, we aim to “train the trainers” by exchanging valuable knowledge and resources. It’s our hope that this strategy will better equip the next generation of teachers, nurses and community leaders to detect and prevent experiences of violence against children.

We also work directly with children who may have experienced violence in their own lives. We teach them the signs of abuse and empower them to speak up when they feel their rights are being violated and to report incidences of abuse whenever possible.

See DUVE in action

DUVE’s initiatives include:

International conferences

DUVE team member Jette Erikson speaks at a conference in Vietnam.

We meet annually with our international network of educators, healthcare practitioners and community leaders to exchange knowledge and resources that help prevent violence against children. These conferences offer an opportunity for our team members to share valuable research, insights and first-hand experiences that help us develop a more comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to addressing childhood abuse and its complex roots in different countries, regions and settings.

Art workshops

DUVE team members Jette Erikson (left) and Hélène Kelly conduct an art workshop for students at Arua Hill Primary School in northwestern Uganda.

We work with children in public schools across Uganda and Vietnam, where we use creativity as a tool to help youth recognize when their rights are being abused. Working closely with educators in these countries, we ask children to illustrate their experiences of abuse and how they feel if they have been abused. The exercise is accompanied by interactive lessons that teach children what child abuse looks like, why child abuse is wrong and what children should do if they feel they are being abused.

Click through the images below to see some images that participants in our art workshops have created:

Learning seminars

DUVE team members speak at a workshop for lecturers, teachers and students at National College for Education Hanoi, Vietnam.

We engage educators and healthcare practitioners in Uganda and Vietnam in a number of learning seminars, where we aim to deconstruct the normalization of childhood abuse. We challenge cultural traditions and norms that harm children and explore solutions with those who work directly with youth. We also explain the different forms that violence against children may take, what circumstances may exacerbate violence against children and the physical and psychological impact this abuse has on youth.